Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love notes

I've been celebrating me tonight by writing love notes(actuallypoems) to myself. I'm putting mine in my art journal.

My daughter and granddaughter are each doing a little love note book to theirselve. With drawings, notes and sayings in it.

We're also using our feel good names. Names that we've added to our names that embrace and celebrate us. Mine name is Princess Tricia.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Call Me Chicken LOL

My birthday is the first weekend in July. My granddaughter and I shared a experience tonight. Now I think most females have this done at a early age.

But not me I've always been a big chicken about this. But a few weeks ago I brought the kit to get it done "when I got my guts up to lol"

Well tonight my 7 year old granddaughter and I got our ears pierced. It feels good to share this experience with her. Now we have to make sure we disinfect them each day.

Well this chicken finally got her wings up to fly for this LOL


Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Feel Like A Woman

I really like the song I Feel Like A Woman-by Shania Twain. To me it's a celebration song. I've been using it as a theme song lately as I look for ways to signify and celebrate being a woman.

The theme words I've been concentrating on lately are soft/soften. I'm finding ways to be softer(not weak). It could be remembering to soften my voice, no need to yell. It could be lotions and sprays to soften my body. It might be stopping long enough to take a few deep breathes to relax and soften the energy(vibe) I'm sending out.

We've discovered a new(to us) lotion and body spray. It's called Vanilla Raspberry, it's a Simply Body brand. It smells soooooo good. We've used it this past week in our manicures and pedicures(body wash here). And on our legs, arms and face-after a home facial.

Speaking of facials let me tell you about a simple home facial we found on the net. Take a favorite soap, body wash(this is what we used) or shampoo lather your face with it. Then get about a teaspoon of sugar in your hand. Work it in a circular motion around your face(don't get in your eyes it will burn there) in the lather. Let set for a couple of minutes then rinse your face with warm water to remove soap and sugar. Then rinse face with cold water and apply moisturizer. Can be done a couple of times a week. Our faces felt so soft after the facial.

I'm more a jeans and tee girl but I'm working on that too. At the event we worked yesterday I wore my blue jeans skirt and blouse. I was afraid I'd wouldn't be comfortable in a skirt but with all the things I've been doing to celebrate and soften me I was extremely comfortable in my own skin YAY-ME.

I've had to be tough and deal with alot of things in my life. So I think I had more of the belief that showing my feminine side meant showing weakness. I'm learning being feminine and soft DOES NOT mean weak. Believe me I can still be tough but I'm learning when to be.

Celebrate being a woman and have fun doing it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

At Home Manicure

I'm going to show my age here lol. My daughter was putting on fingernail polish tonight and it brought back a memory of a t.v. commercial.

How many of you remember Marge the manicurists? Women would come to her shop she'd have them soaking their nails in a bowl of water. They'd get to talking about Palmalive(sp) dish washing liquid. Marge would say "you're soaking in it now" the ladies would jerk their hands out of the water. She'd say relax it's ok.

Anyway, I decided to give myself a manicure tonight. So I got a bowl of warm water and put shampoo in it. To me using something I like the scent to makes a experience even better. Then soaked my nails for about 10 minutes. They were shiny and soft when I took them out. I filed(probably should of done this before soaking) my nails then my daughter applied polish.

My nails look and feel great. It's fun to pamper yourself especially when it doesn't cost a small fortune.


Well Wednesday(14th) I got up my nerve and got my yearly haircut. I know I need to get it cut more than once a year but I have to get my nerve up(particalur about my hair).

We went to a hair stylist who used to cut my hair regularly but he was leaving his shop early. I have to be able to just walk in, hate waiting around on an appointment.

So we went down the street to another lady. She takes walk ins. She was cutting a guys hair so we had to wait a few minutes. She did a good job. My daughter was funny she said "you go first cause if she doesn't cut yours the way you like I'm not getting mine done". I said she will if and if she doesn't it will grow back-I NEED a haircut .

So I celebrated me by getting a needed hair cut. It feels good to do things for me.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Simpliest Things

Think I've said before celebrating me(to me) is about doing things I enjoy. That touch me somehow, no matter how simple it may seem.

I'm eating a snack right now that I truly enjoy-Fritos and Dr. Pepper. As I went to get them out of the refrigerator I realize I'm celebrating me in a simple, relaxed manner tonight.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just for Me

I've celebrated me a couple of different ways ths week. Monday I bought me a new dress. I'm not a dress girl but I've been wanting a sundress so I took the plunge and brought one. It's a dark pink. My granddaughter got a new red sundress.

The plan is to wear them Sunday for Mother's Day.

Tonight I soaked my feet in scented water for about 90 minutes. I can't think of the words to accurately describe how relaxing this is. My feet didn't get water wrinkled because I had bathroom breaks and took small breaks to just remove my feet from the water.

It feels good to do something just for me.